Memories of 2023 | Short film



Submitted to SkyPixel 9th Annual Photo & Video Contest

In a world marked by routine and day-to-day life, I think it’s important to pause and remember amazing moments. This video is my memories of 2023. I make it with all my heart, i hope you like it! Normally, life forces us to go fast eh… but wow… so many things happened this last year. Things that I would’ve never imagined… This year has been a dream come true, I’ve travelled to places I’ve always wanted to go. Places where mountains weren’t only huge rocks, but chapters of a journey, of a story. Places that challenge the imagination and show how incredible our world is. And yes… all those trips have been dreams come true, but something that I have learnt this year, is to value the time and the small things. You know… Appreciating loved ones, the morning sunlight, the scent when you water the plants… or just a cup of hot coffee. Those small moments give meaning to everything else, and we don’t realised it, but that’s how it is. Because in reality most things never happen twice. For me, this videos are more than just “videos”. Each video is a page that tells the story of someone who made their dreams come true. So… 2023… it’s been a pleasure. Thanks you for the learnings, the good things that you gave me and also the bad ones, why not. Now… 2024, here we come!